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Fundamentals of Music, Musicianship, Harmony, Counterpoint, Form and Analysis, Orchestration, Music Appreciation, and Piano Lessons

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Orchestra conducting, Composition, and Appreciation of Music

Dr. Mehran Tebyani

The International Conductor Conference

The International Conductors Guild

Selected as one of the lecturers at the International Conductor Conference in Valencia, Spain, January 10-13, 2023, to present his doctoral research study about CONDUCTING CHANGE: THE EFFECT OF A MUSIC DIRECTOR’S LEADERSHIP FACTORS ON PLAYERS’ PERFORMANCE WITHIN THE SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA.

Analysis of Music History in Iran

Professionals without Borders

Weekly Zoom Seminars (April & May, 2020)

Appreciation of Classical Music

Chang Music Academy in Gonbad, Iran

Skype Seminar (July 27th, 2019)

‘Conducting Master Classes’ & ‘Analysis of Music History in Iran’

Seminar & MasterClass

Tehran Conservatory of Music, Iran (May 11, 13, 15, 2019)

Academic Music Classes

Beverly Hills Youth Symphony Orchestra (BHYSO)

Beverly Hills Music Conservatory - BHMC (2015)